OK State Preservation Conference

Cassandra and I went to the state preservation conference. She and I are old house nerds and we always enjoy going to these things. The conference this year was in Bartlesville, OK and I thought I would take the Canon along to see what we could see. I haven't developed it yet, but I shot a roll of HP5 at 400 in the full sun.

The only real opportunity that I had was during our lunch tour of the Rose White Cemetery. This was the first cemetery of Bartlesville and was started around the 1890's. Most of the tour was about early city leaders and notable people from the town.

One interesting story though was about the first murder in the state of Oklahoma. OK became a state in 1907, and on the evening of the ratification of the constitution the two deputy sherifs in Bartlesville were about to lose their authority. They decided to make one more hurrah and go after this guy who was suspect in something that I have now forgotten. During the altercation one of the deputies and the suspect got shot with the suspect ultimately dying of his wound right after the constitution went into affect. His family had a footstone made that suggested the he was murdered by the deputy but the family of the deputy thought it was too strong so they came to an agreement to have it redone to say the he had been killed by the deputy.

Anyway, once I get the roll developed and scanned in, I'll throw a couple in a future post. In the meantime, here are a couple shots I got from the Nikon.