I'm one of those guys that can't help but be interested in many things. I'm not any good at many of them, but there are a few things I really enjoy and try my best to succeed in. I've spent most of my career as a sound engineer and have recently put that in a minor role to pursue a non profit idea that I have. You can find out more about it here at CultivateTulsa.org

I thought it necessary to make my own content for Cultivate so I bought a neat Canon FTb film camera from the 60's to learn some fundamentals. All manual and all mechanical. I shot that G with my first roll of HP5. At any rate, my mother was a professional photographer who recently retired and had a Nikon D3s laying around. Now I'm armed with one of the most bad ass camera bodies available and I can't stop taking pictures. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much and after my first 1500 shots I thought I should put a site together to do something with them. The Soul Roots name is reference to the two most influential styles of music that helped me in my musical career and I feel those concepts apply to my general philosophy.

So here is a curated gathering of some things that I like to look at. I developed my first photos in March of 2015. Some of these are shot with the film camera, some with the Nikon, and a few with my iPhone. I'd like to learn to develop and print the film stuff. I have no particular style yet and I have no clue what kind of photos I really prefer. Maybe those things will become apparent in the future. In the meantime feel free to reach out and let me know what you think and thank you very much for taking the time to visit.                                          

 -- Jeremy Grodhaus


(918) 851-6769